About the Certificate

The international university programme "Certificate of Intercultural Competence" will be realised through network co-operation between universities, which offer at least two of the following three areas: (a) Intercultural Communication, (b) Language and Culture and (c) International Business. An essential goal of the programme consists of teaching the students of the participating universities the basics for the successful realisation of international coachings and mediation in business areas.   The knowledge required to obtain the "Certificate of Intercultural Competence" will be gained through participation in a study program of approximately 250 credit hours. The program is divided into three subcategories of 80 to 90 credit hours each (3 courses) covering the following:

At least 90 of the 250 credit hours must be completed at one of the foreign universities. Students are free to decide the academic subject area in which these credit hours will be completed.

  This program is presently available to all students enrolled at any one of the participating universities. The certificate will be approved by the network representative at the home university upon successful completion of the required 250 credit hours. Participants should bear in mind that this certificate represents a supplemental qualification rather than an academic degree.

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